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"Prior to training with Kristyn my beliefs were that cardio was the only way to lose weight and lifting weights would make me bulky. I thought carbs were the enemy and I struggled with emotional eating. My only goal was to lose weight.
My mindset has completely shifted and I have developed a new sense of confidence. I’ve learned that cardio serves a specific purpose and lifting weights is badass. Carbohydrates are fuel and I need them to lift. My goals are much more targeted. I’m working on shattering my 1 rep max, being consistent with my training, eating for nutrition and I’ve learned that failure provides an opportunity to learn and grow.

In small group training all clients are following the same program.  This is a community based environment. 

This is best for those who have experience and a strong foundation and knowledge of barbell, dumbbell and bodyweight training, and are looking for a group training environment to join.



Like private training, the program is customized to the client and their goals, but instead environment is training partner based.  Clients are following their individual program while training alongside 1-3 other individuals.

This is best for those who want an individualized training program but also want to train with other clients for added motivation and who want to be part of a team.



Program is customized to the client and their goals.  If pain and/or limitations present prior to or during the training session, NeuroKinetic Muscle Testing is used to identify weaknesses, followed by massage therapy techniques,  muscle activation and integration movements to solidify the correction. 

This environment is best for those new to lifting, rehabilitation, prehabilitation, or those who prefer to train alone.  It can also be used as a way to build the necessary foundation to participate in small group or semi-private training.




Small Group Training


Semi-Private Training

Semi-Private Training



Strength and conditioning programs are designed with longevity in mind. The idea is to reach goals while enhancing health.  Basics are mastered and more technical movements are incorporated as the client achieves the ability to perform.  Clients are trained hard within their capacities but not pushed to a breaking point.  Recovery is just as important as training.  Proper nutrition, stress management, sleep and hydration are all part of the training program. The goal is to build you up, not to break you down.


Private Training


Training: Private Training
Training: Semi Private
Training: Small Group
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